Moving Resources

Take some time to familiarise yourself with these clever complementary services and guides for a smooth move

Moving is about more than just transporting boxes and furniture

At NM Europe we understand that moving home involves so much more than just displacing furniture and boxes from A to B; we also want to help lighten the stress associated with this life-changing period.


 If  your move is by sea or air :

We can arrange for full replacement insurance cover at a rate based on the declared value. If you wish to accept this cover you will need to provide us with a detailed inventory stating the values of each individual item.

If your move is by road :

Our offer includes insurance cover for a value limited to €20 000 and you will need to provide us with a detailed inventory stating the values of each individual item. If your declared value exceeds this amount a surcharge will apply for each Euro over and above €20 000. 


If you are moving high-value items (either in monetary or sentimental terms) NM Europe can arrange for ‘custom-crating’ to provide extra protection.

Piano handling

Whether you are moving a Concert, Grand, Baby-grand or upright piano, NM Europe has the experience and solution to suit your needs.


Vehicle handling

NM Europe can also advise and assist you with moving your car, camping van, boat or even light aircraft !

Pre-move Survey

The pre-move survey is without doubt the most important moment of your move. This is why NM Europe will send you an experienced    inspector who will be able to assess and anticipate the potential challenges involved with your move.

Storage service. Warehouse

We understand that there are many reasons as to why you may need storage sometime during your moving experience. We provide you with many flexible moving and storage options to cater directly to these needs. There is no storage need that we cannot accommodate for our customers during their move.

Containerised Storage

NM Europe offers storage in exclusive-use, numbered containers.


Solution to fit your budget

NM Europe can also pack and transport your goods to their storage facilities or we can provide a made to measure solution to fit your budget:

  • You pack your goods and we take care of the inventory, transport and storage
  • You pack your goods and bring them to our nearest local warehouse for storage

We store your items safely

We take exceptional care of your personal property. Your goods are properly stacked and safely packed into storage crates


Secure and monitored 24/7

Our secured warehouses have theft protection systems, 24-hour closed circuit camera surveillance


Warehouse system

We maintain a electronic register of each crate that allows us to easily trace and retrieve your goods


How much does it cost?

Moving costs vary. The final price of your move will depend on a number of considerations:

  • The volume of belongings you’ll be moving
  • The distance of your move
  • The time of year
  • The level of moving services you require
How long does it take from A to B ?

It depends which transport you have chosen. 

Sea shipment : NM Europe can provide you with an estimated door to door shipping time for any destination.  

Air shipment : The fastest option but you should still allow somewhere around 10-15 days for your goods to arrive at destination

Road shipment : The transit time obviously depends on the distance involved but in many cases we are able to deliver within one or two days.

Please keep in mind that these transit times are estimates and NM Europe works with each client to ensure that realistic timing is explained and agreed upon.


How long does the packing and loading take ?

Depending in the volume of your goods. Normally a day or two

Will I need to pay taxes and duties if I am moving to France ?

 For the duty free entrance of your household goods, you will need to prove to customs that you have been living outside of the country for at least 12 months and that you are moving to France to take up primary residence (The purpose of the change of residence certificate) and provide all the customs documents.

If you are unable to provide a complete set of documents, French authorities will apply taxes and duties based on the value of your goods so please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any assistance or have any questions.

If you will import alcohol. Yes, you will pay duty on alcohol known as excise duty. If you wish to know in advance the amount of the duties, we’ll need an alcohol inventory and then we can ask a estimation from the customs service.


Do I need a visa if I'm moving overeas ?

If your destination is France, yes if you are coming from a non- European union country.

If your destination country is the US and you are not an US citizen, yes, you will need a visa

My company already has a list of 'approved' movers, can I still move with NM Europe ?

Even if your employer has a list of ‘approved’ movers, he probably wouldn’t have any objection if you ask for NM Europe to be allowed to provide an offer for your move.