About NM Europe

 The Beginning

Founded with a passion for delivering exceptional international moving services, NM Europe stands as a testament to our owner’s commitment to providing unparalleled assistance to those navigating the complexities of relocation. Specializing in door-to-door solutions, our international moving services are meticulously crafted to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition for your household goods across borders. As a company born from the vision of facilitating seamless moves, we prioritize the unique needs of individuals and families embarking on international relocations. Trust NM Europe to turn your move into a personalized and efficient experience, guided by a genuine dedication to service excellence.


Our Mission

Ensure that every customer has a positive moving experience leaving you free to focus on the many other issues involved with moving home.

An experienced and fully qualified move surveyor will work with you in order to assess your move, to carry out a pre-move survey and to advise you of the best shipping method for your needs (sea, air or road).

Our aim is to provide you with an international or local moving service that meets your requirements and expectations so that you will not hesitate to recommend NM Europe to friends, colleagues and family.

Years Of Experience

Satisfied Clients Each Year


Why choose us

Experience and attention to detail

A truly global reach

Multi-lingual team – providing the bridge to the international community

‘Can-do’ attitude and proactive, personalized service

Expert customs, transportation and country information