Customs documents and other paperwork to France

If you are moving to France for the first time or after at least one year abroad, you will be able to import your goods and possessions duty-free. To do so, the French customs authorities require you to provide five pieces of documentation:

1 – Non-Resale form

  • This form states that the goods you bring into France are for your personal use and not destined for sale to another party

2 – Valued inventory

  • This form gives the French customs department a quick itemized overview of the nature of your goods, such as sofas, chairs, etc., and their estimated values

3 – Copy of your passport

  • A high-resolution scanned and printed copy would be better quality. If a couple is moving together, it is a good idea to include copies of both parties’ passports

4 – Proof of residence in France (electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.)

  • This document proves that you have a legal residence in France. It can consist of a French electricity or telephone bill, or a contract of sale or open-ended rental on a property in France

5 – Change-of-residence certificate (French embassy or consulate)

  • This must be obtained before you leave, from the French embassy or consulate in your country of origin. It should state that you have spent the previous twelve months outside France. This document is obligatory for all nationalities