Do I have to pay duty on my property? The transfer of household goods from one continent to another is usually exempt of tax and duties, provided that you can supply the proper documentation to the customs authorities in the country of destination. This documentation can vary from country to country and sometimes needs to be obtained before you leave your country of origin. Don’t leave it to the last minute! While the import of household goods to a primary residence is duty-free, the duty on household goods imported to secondary residences varies from country to country. If your secondary residence is in France, you can import household goods duty-free to furnish it. (Your goods will still be liable to a VAT charge of 19.6%.) This is a one-time-only procedure. Should you wish to make a second shipment, you will have to pay 19.6% VAT of the declared value of your goods as well as a further 10% in duties. In order to qualify for the duty-free entry of your goods, you must apply to the tax collector in the area where your secondary residence is located.